District 1A Basketball Regional Tournament: Region 3.

Let’s begin with what happened during the district tournament at Adams State. What was left from both third place games. Both Sierra Grande Boys and Girls Versus Primero Boys and La Veta Girls. As I had stated before in my prediction that Sierra Grande’s teams would win both La Veta and Primero. Sierra Grande ended up taking third place to regionals. While Sangre de Cristo boys and girls took first. Creede boys took second while Cotopaxi girls took second.

Sangre Girls District Champions
Cotopaxi Girls District Runner up

Sangre Boys District Champs

For Regionals there are different sections. We will be covering region three because the teams that I had just mention are playing. For the first games on Friday are # 3 Sierra Grande Boys versus #2 Walsh , #2 Creede versus #3 Kit Carson, and #2 Mc Clave versus #3 Kim\Branson. On Saturday the second games consists of the number one seeds verses the winners of these games. #1 Sangre De Cristo Boys will face off against the winner between McClave and Kim\Branson. #1 Cheraw will face the winner between Sierra Grande and Walsh. #1 Springfield will face winner between Creede and Kit Carson. Click Here for Schedule. Winners will head to the State Tournament. On the Women’s side starts like the boys side. Friday we have #2 Wiley versus #3 Sierra Grande, #2 Cotopaxi verses #3 McClave, and #2 Eads verses #3 Springfield. Following these game they will face off number one seeds on Saturday. #1 Sangre De Cristo Girls will face off against the winner between Eads and Springfield, #1 Kit Carson will face off against the winner between Wiley and Sierra Grande. #1 South Baca will face off against winner between Cotopaxi and McClave. Click Here for Schedule.

Starting off with the boys games Friday I feel that the #2 Walsh will take a huge lead against #3 Sierra Grande. Walsh has a huge front and back court with their smallest player being 5’6. Sierra Grande’s advantage is their speed an their top scorer Isiah Chairez Jr.  But it will be a fight from Sierra Grande. In the End Walsh will come up with the win.

#12 Isiah Chairez Jr Shooting Freethrow Against Center.

#2 McClave vs #3 Kim\Branson I feel that McClave will take the win over Kim because in their last meeting Kim lost to McClave 56-51. In the game #2 Creede vs #3 Kit Carson I feel that the number #3 Kit Carson will take the win over Creede. The Three teams I think will Head to the State Tournament for the Boys will be #1 SpringField, #1 Sangre De Cristo, and last #3 Walsh. According to Mile High Preps, his top picks to head to state are #1 Cheraw , #1 Sangre De Cristo and #1 Springfield.

For the Women’s Games I feel that #2 Wiley will beat out the #3 Sierra Grande Panthers and Advance to playing Kit Carson in which I feel they will win again to advance to state and take state with them. They are a very experienced team. I feel that too #3 McClave will win against #2 Cotopaxi and will face against South Baca. #1 South Baca should take the in over #3 McClave. Then between #2 Eads vs #3 Springfield I feel that #2 Eads will win and face off between the #1 Sangre De Cristo Thunderbirds. My top three picks to go to state are #1 Sangre De Cristo, #1 South Baca and #1 Kit Carson. Mile High Preps Top Picks are #1 Kit Carson, #1 Sangre De Cristo, and #1 South Baca.

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